Stanford online quantum mechanics

In September 2014, I embarked on the Stanford online quantum mechanics course by Prof. David Miller, ‘Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers‘. Just when I thought “I’ve done it!”, a sequel was announced, from January to March 2015. It too seemed essential, and I decided to continue. Now that I’ve finished both courses, here is a… Read More »

Parametric oscillator: a close look

This post contains my research notes about the parametric oscillator. Here is an introduction from Wikipedia (see references section): “A parametric oscillator is a harmonic oscillator whose parameters oscillate in time. For example, a well known parametric oscillator is a child pumping a swing by periodically standing and squatting to increase the size of the… Read More »

Tracking vs. Tracing in the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4)

The software my company offers includes, among many other things, workflows based on Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4). These workflows are activated and resumed by WCF calls. That is, the workflows act as services and are hosted in the IIS. Every few months, I need to diagnose some tricky problem in such a workflow, and… Read More »

On testable architectures and how Java-like type systems can harm them

Generally, I’m all for static typing. After all, it make it possible to ensure aspects of program behaviour in a universal way, as opposed to unit tests, which operate on an anecdotal basis. Imagine my surprise when I realized that certain widely-used static type systems, like the ones of Java or C#, can lure programmers… Read More »