My laser-eye monster cats

So much for my plans. I thought I’d keep a serious blog, and here I am posting cat content. We see my two black monsters lurk in the corridor during a visit of the neighbours’ cat. No animals where harmed or cyber-augmented during the making of this picture.

On HDR photography with the smartphone

Nature confronts us with scenes of high contrast, for example the sun shining through a tree. Human eyes can deal with this much better than artificial cameras: when looking through the tree, we may still see that the sky is blue and contains clouds, and that the leaves are green, while a camera might only… Read More »

Encrypting web configuration sections

Sections of the web.config file often contain sensitive data, like database connection strings with passwords. To keep this information from falling in the wrong hands, .NET provides an encryption mechanism, which I shall discuss in this post. First, we need to note that this encryption can be reversed by any user of the machine on which… Read More »

Hiro Sakao

Ich verspreche, nicht oft Essensbilder zu posten. Jedenfalls war ich jetzt zum dritten Mal im japanischen Restaurant “Hiro Sakao” in Erlangen, und das Essen ist so umwerfend gut, dass ich meinem Enthusiasmus einfach Luft machen muss. Das Interieur des Restaurants ist übrigens genause toll wie das Essen.


Warum vergessen die Leute nur alle ihre Schlösser an dieser Nürnberger Brücke?

Why do I start my own blog?

There are three reasons: First, I sometimes feel the urge to post a photo or a thought, or to review a book, film, or game. Until now, I did such things on social networks or specialized places like Amazon product reviews. But the popular German blogger Sascha Lobo convinced me in this widely regarded article… Read More »