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Stanford online quantum mechanics

In September 2014, I embarked on the Stanford online quantum mechanics course by Prof. David Miller, ‘Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers‘. Just when I thought “I’ve done it!”, a sequel was announced, from January to March 2015. It too seemed essential, and I decided to continue. Now that I’ve finished both courses, here is a… Read More »

Book review: “The Infinite Resource” by Ramez Naam

Suppose you want a clear picture of climate change, or more generally, the effects of humanity’s increasing usage of Earth’s resources. And suppose you want the information from someone who is very bright, has done a lot of research, is neither alarmist nor denialist, does not engage in party politics, but simply digs up facts.… Read More »

A short review of “Tigana” by Guy Gavriel Kay

Given how many great fantasy authors I’ve read (Tolkien, Martin, Abercrombie, Rothfuss, Sanderson among them), it is surprising how late I stumbled upon this gem from 1990 by Guy Gavriel Kay. Of all fantasy books I discovered so far, this is probably the most intellectual, in a good way. The plot is brilliant and contains… Read More »

A quick review of Joe Abercrombie’s “Red Country”

I just posted this book review of Joe Abercrombie’s Red Country on Amazon: I “read” the audiobook from Audible. It blew me away. I like all of Abercrombie’s books, yet I’m tempted to say this is the best one yet (maybe tied with The Heroes). There is no single wasted word. The characters are vivid,… Read More »