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Stanford online quantum mechanics

In September 2014, I embarked on the Stanford online quantum mechanics course by Prof. David Miller, ‘Quantum Mechanics for Scientists and Engineers‘. Just when I thought “I’ve done it!”, a sequel was announced, from January to March 2015. It too seemed essential, and I decided to continue. Now that I’ve finished both courses, here is a… Read More »

Parametric oscillator: a close look

This post contains my research notes about the parametric oscillator. Here is an introduction from Wikipedia (see references section): “A parametric oscillator is a harmonic oscillator whose parameters oscillate in time. For example, a well known parametric oscillator is a child pumping a swing by periodically standing and squatting to increase the size of the… Read More »

An amateur’s foray into physics

It has long bothered me that I know so little about physics and the maths that goes along with it. There are some great popular-science books on physics, but I wanted to dig deeper. So I turned myself into a “self-taught undergraduate” last year (on a tiny, after-work time budget). Like any university course in… Read More »